Change of Address For City Bills

It is the property owner’s responsibility to provide the City with the correct contact person and mailing address for receipt of all City information, notices, tax bills and other municipal charges.  Failure to do so does not remove the property owner’s obligation to pay these taxes and charges.

Verifying Mailing Address 

If you have not received a real property tax bill by July, check to verify that the correct address is listed in the City’s land records. This information can be determined by viewing your bill online at  

City agencies, including the Department of Public Works, Environmental Control Board, and the Department of Housing and Community Development, may have an address in their files different than what is listed in the City’s land records.  

How to Change Mailing Address 

To change an address in the City’s land records, please call Property Location at 410-396-3800. Please contact other City agencies directly to request an address change.  If mail is being forwarded, please contact the local Post Office to ensure that mail from the City is being sent to the correct address.   

Each year before the May tax sale, the City mails notices to owners whose properties are eligible for inclusion in the tax sale:

  • The first notice is a Final Bill and Legal Notice, mailed in the first week of February.  
  • The second notice is a letter, mailed in the first week in April. 
  • A post-tax sale informational letter is mailed during the first week of July.  

All three documents are mailed to the owner of the property at the address on file in the City’s land records.