Other City Liens

Each year, in mid-May, the City conducts an annual online tax lien certificate auction. There are several types of bills and municipal charges that, if unpaid, may result in liens that can cause properties to be included in the City’s tax sale.

If you receive a Final Bill and Legal Notice or a pre-tax sale letter in April and believe any of the lien amounts are in error, contact the issuing agency as soon as possible. Below is a list of the types of liens that can be included in tax sale and the appropriate issuing agency telephone number:

Real property tax bills 410-396-3000
Metered water bills, stormwater fees 410-396-5398
Environmental Control Board citations 410-396-6909
Property registration bills 410-396-3575
Minor privilege bills 410-396-3346
Miscellaneous bills 410-396-1023
Special Benefit District charges 410-396-3000
Alley and footway paving bills 410-396-3000
Multi-Family Dwelling License fees 410-396-3575