The City's Finance Department and its Bureau of Revenue Collections want to assist the public by providing information about the tax sale, where to obtain help if your property is eligible for tax sale or in tax sale, and how to keep your property out of tax sale. For specific questions, please call us at 410-396-3987 or e-mail us by clicking here.

The City of Baltimore holds an annual tax lien certificate sale. The tax sale is used to collect delinquent real property taxes and other unpaid charges owed to the City, all of which are liens against the real property. It is a public, online auction of City lien interests on properties. The highest bidder in the auction pays the total amount of the property liens to the City and receives a tax sale certificate from the City which gives the bidder the right to obtain ownership of the property by filing a tax sale foreclosure lawsuit.

The owner of the property can prevent the highest bidder from obtaining ownership by "redeeming" the property. Redemption requires the owner or an interested party, such as a mortgage holder, to reimburse the successful bidder for the amount of liens and other charges paid to the City, as well as the bidder’s interest and other fees and costs set by law.

The Menu on the left lists various issues related to the tax sale process. Clicking on any of the issues will provide additional and valuable information about City tax sale resources. The list below provides links to other tax sale resources available from private groups and the State government.

Bulk Tax Sale Information

Each year in October, the City of Baltimore conducts a Bulk Tax Sale.   The Bulk Tax Sale is a sealed bid auction and is advertised in two newspapers prior to the Bulk Tax Sale auction.  The properties in the Bulk Tax Sale are sold as one lot. Therefore, bids for individual tax certificates will not be accepted. All bids are final.  Bids are accepted at The Office of the City Comptroller, Room 204, City Hall, 100 Holliday Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.  Bids must be received no later than 11:00 a.m., local time, on the date of the Bulk Tax Sale, and will be opened in Room 215, City Hall at 12:00 noon, on the date of the Bulk Tax Sale. Late bids will not be accepted. Bids may be submitted by mail, overnight delivery or in person.  Faxed bids will not be accepted. 
Below provides links to other tax sale resources available from private groups and the State government: