Environmental Control Board Citations

A homeowner may have a lien on their property due to an outstanding environmental citation. Environmental citations are often issued for violations of Baltimore City codes related to sanitation, health, safety, and other quality-of-life issues. If the bills associated with such citations are not cleared, the environmental liens on your property could go to auction during a tax sale. 

A Final Bill and Legal Notice will be sent indicating that an outstanding bill is due to the City of Baltimore. If this notice includes an environmental lien, and you feel that the liens were issued in error, a review of the liens can be conducted by the Environmental Control Board.

Only environmental liens will be reviewed by the ECB.

Requesting a Review

The ECB will review citations included in the Final Bill and Legal Notice to determine if proper notice was given and whether the citation was issued to the correct person/property.  However, the ECB will not review the facts of the citation or offer hearings for citations that are included in the Final Bill and Legal Notice.   

Environmental citations will be reviewed by the ECB on a first-come, first-served basis between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. from February until April 22. 

Review Process

When arriving at the ECB to have a citation reviewed, please be prepared for the following:

  • Sign in and you will be served in order of arrival. 
  • Meet with a clerk from the ECB. The clerk will gather all the related information, note the explanation you would like to provide, and the supporting documentation or pictures that you have to offer.
  • The clerk will complete an intake form and make a copy of the presented documentation.  
  • A hearing officer will review the completed intake form, along with any documentation. 
  • The hearing officer will determine whether there was an issue with notice or if the citation was issued to the correct person/property.  
  • A letter will be mailed from the ECB with the Hearing Officer’s decision.    

Additional Information

The Environmental Control Board is located at: 200 E. Lexington Street, Suite 100 (Mezzanine level), Baltimore, Maryland 21202.

For questions about the tax sale process: Call: 410-396-6909 or Email: environmentalcontrolboard@baltimorecity.gov.

If you are unable to come to the ECB to complete the intake process, please call April Chenier at 410-396-6909 to arrange an alternative review process. 

Environmental Control Board citations can be paid online, in person at 200 N. Holliday St., or by check payable to “Director of Finance” through the mail at P.O. Box 17119, Baltimore, MD 21297.